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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sharon Farrell as the awesomely named Orfamay Quest in MARLOWE (1969)

James Garner is LA private detective Marlowe who is hired by a young girl named Orfamay Quest (played by Sharon Farrell) to find her missing brother. What starts as a simple job turns into a mystery involving a high profile Hollywood actress, a ruthless gangster, cops, strippers, and one questionable doctor. Garner is very smooth as Marlowe. The standouts in this film include a wow striptease and incredible performance by Rita Moreno, who is smoking hot and a face off between Marlowe and Bruce Lee in his film debut. My classic movie goddess of the month Sharon is also very good in her role as Orfamay, as this was one of her first big films after enjoying a solid run on TV series during the 60's. Enjoyable enough.



DorianTB said...

My husband Vinnie and I are fans of Raymond Chandler and many of the films based on his novels or screenplays, and MARLOWE is no exception! In addition to Sharon Farrell's memorable performance as Orfamay Quest, James Garner's performance as a 1960s Philip Marlowe is quite effective, not to mention a great dress rehearsal for his role as Jim Rockford on the long-running TV series THE ROCKFORD FILES. Triple-crown Oscar/Tony/Emmy-winner Rita Moreno teamed up with Garner on several ROCKFORD episodes. I must say, however, that Bruce Lee steals the film as Winslow Wong, a henchman so cool and tough that he could beat up AN ENTIRE OFFICE! From a standing start, no less! :-) Nice review!

The Lady Eve said...

Sharon Farrell's career has always puzzled me. There was a time long ago when it seemed she might have a bigger movie career than she did. She was one of those actresses who did a lot of TV and seemed to have the skill and presence to do well in films, too. She's had a long career, so it isn't like she disappeared, but I've always wondered why she didn't get better parts in quality films (especially after she co-starred with Steve McQueen in "The Reivers").

sharon farrell said...

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