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Saturday, April 2, 2011

It'll be Vivien Leigh and Irene Dunne in The Classic Movie Actress Final..

The Classic Movie Actress Final is set...Vivien Leigh vs Irene Dunne. After the two semi-final matches ended today with Leigh trouncing Natalie Wood 38-24 and Dunne edging out Grace Kelly 39-33, the finale is now set. Due to Blogger's problems on Friday, one day of voting was lost, so the competition had to be re-started. The results were the same as Leigh and Dunne won their respective matches. Vivien Leigh seeded 4th is one of the stronger actresses with a considerable fanbase. But Irene Dunne, who was seeded 10th in the silent/30's era match has surprised a lot of people and will continue her Cinderella run. We will see what happens next. I will start the poll tomorrow morning at 7am EST and it will run through Tuesday night at 6pm EST. Then a winner will be crowned as Favorite Classic Movie Actress of All Good Things. I can't wait.


Tom said...

Monty this tournament has been full of surprises.

Looking forward to casting my final vote.

Frl. Irene Palfy said...

I agree with Tom - this is (for me) a surprising final. :")


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