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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Jane Powell (1929 - present)

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Jane Powell, star of such films as Royal Wedding, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Two Weeks With Love.


Anonymous said...

Jane Powell is wonderful! I'm so glad she's still with us. She has aged really well too. Looks basically the same!

Tom said...

Hi Monty, nice birthday tribute. Jennifer's right; she looks wonderful. Will have my Jane Powell post up on my blog soon (hopefully today or tomorrow), with pics and videos from last week's event in Chicago.

*BURN MY CANDLE* said...

She is so gorgeous! yes lord! I saw an interview with her on TCM that aired the other day. Shes still beautiful. Thank You Miss Powell...we really do not value our stars while they are with us. We need to do more.

Frl. Irene Palfy said...

Such a lovely picture that you have picked, Monty! :")


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