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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Be My Guest - Amanda Cooper (A Noodle In A Haystack)

This month my guest is Amanda from the wondeful blog A Noodle In A Haystack. She said she had an awesome time answering my questions so without further delay, here we go...

1. Name your top 10 favorite classic movies actors/actresses.

Believe me, it was hard to narrow it down to ten, but here they are (in no particular order - organizing them is even harder than choosing only ten!): Ginger Roger, Debbie Reynolds, Van Heflin, Ingrid Bergman, Barbara Stanwyck, Ray Milland, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Cary Grant, and Myrna Loy.

2. Name at least 10 of your favorite films.

What's Up, Doc?

What's Up, Doc? and The Philadelphia Story are my two major favorites, followed closely by The Major & the Minor, How to Steal a Million, Bachelor Mother, Sunday in New York, Barefoot in the Park, Love With the Proper Stranger, Royal Wedding, and, of course, Cat Ballou.

lobby card

3. Describe your first classic movie experience.

Wow, I can't remember - movies, classic and otherwise, have been a part of my life for as long as I can recall. Royal Wedding, however, was my first favorite movie.

4. Describe the perfect way for you to watch a classic movie.

In the evening, curled up on the couch or in bed, with a warm blanket and a quiet house. A mug of hot cocoa is always nice, too.

5. What is your favorite classic movie decade: the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's or 60's?

The '60s, for sure, with the '40s coming in close behind. I love to look at all the bright colors in the movies of the 1960s. Filmmakers were still playing with color film back then, so everything is very bright and fun to watch. The black and white films of '60s are great, too. Those are really gorgeous.

Russell Crowe

6. Name a few of your favorite modern movie actors/actresses.

I think Russell Crowe can do pretty much anything, and Liam Neeson is always good. Sandra Bullock has been a favorite for years, and I've recently become a fan of Katherine Heigl.

Sandra Bullock & Bill Pullman

7. Name a few of your favorite modern films.

While You Were Sleeping and Notting Hill make me laugh every time. Inception was excellent, and I really loved Morning Glory.

8. What is your favorite movie quote? can be more than one.

Oh, there are way too many to mention (and sometimes too many to remember!). I love it when Richard Dreyfuss says, "I was the Betty Boop of Stratford-on-Avon" in The Goodbye Girl, so that's one. Also, as any true fan of classic film knows, White Christmas is full of great one-liners. You could probably pick any line out of that film, and I would tell you it's one of my favorite movie quotes.

Richard Dreyfuss in The Goodbye Girl

9. What is your favorite classic movie series?

Hmm... tough one. I've never been much for film series. I'm usually disappointed by sequels. I guess I'll go with The Thin Man series.

Myrna Loy and William Powell

10. What is your favorite movie genre?

Romantic comedies! You probably guessed that by looking at my list of favorite movies. : )
Madeline Kahn

11. What stars, besides your favorites would you have love to met in person?

Gracie Allen, Madeline Kahn, and Clint Eastwood - just to name a few.

12. And finally, if you could be one movie character, who would it be and why?

I've wanted to be Ellen Bowen (Jane Powell's character in Royal Wedding) ever since I was about five years old. She's beautiful, she can sing and dance divinely, she has a marvelous sense of humor, and she's very independent. Also, it doesn't hurt that she marries a dreamboat and has the best movie wardrobe I've ever seen. The black gown that she wears near the beginning of the film is so gorgeous! Wow, looking back at this paragraph, it all sounds really shallow. Really, though, Ellen is the sort of the girl that I'd like to be: smart and sophisticated, but, at the same time, very down-to-earth, with (as I said) a great sense of humor, and she's very loving and is devoted to her family.

Thanks, again, Monty! This has been a lot of fun and real honor. Your blog is always top-notch, and I love your version of March Madness.

Amanda Cooper

A Noodle in a Haystack

Thanks Amanda for being my guest of the month. And to all those who haven't checked out her wonderful blog, do so immediately.


Frl. Irene Palfy said...

Oh, I like this very much! And I just love the Richard Dreyfuss picture. *cough,cough* ;")

Thank you, Monty, for your nice comment on my starter post for Beware These Women..

The Mary Poppins Picture was a spontaneous idea. ;")

Audrey said...

I love Amanda's blog! She had some fun answers.

Amanda Cooper said...

Thanks, Monty! I love the pictures you chose.


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