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Friday, October 14, 2011

Be My Guest: Renata Part 3

So here we go with the last part of my interview with Renata.

Me: What is your favorite classic movie series?

Renata: “Mexican Spitfire” with Lupe Vélez and Leon Errol. 
Me: I have seen one or two of these but it's was a long time ago.

Me: What is your favorite movie genre?

Renata: I love practically everything except westerns. I love screwball comedies, dramas, noirs and horror the most. I like musicals sometimes, but only sometimes. 
Me: That's cool Renata. I know several of my friends that aren't too crazy about westerns or musicals.

Me: What classic stars would you have love to met in person?

Renata: Irene Dunne by far!!! I would have also liked to meet those that died a long time ago. I would have loved to meet Carole Lombard and Lupe Vélez too. And even some “unknown” ones, just because they died 70, 80 years ago and they were too young when they died…I am really curious about those ones…to name a few: Dorothy Dell, Lilyan Tishman or Thelma Todd.

 Me: I would have loved to have met Irene and Carole as well.

Me: And finally, what is your favorite movie character? the one you can identify with the most?

Renata: Carmelita Lindsay (Lupe Vélez in “Mexican Spitfire” series). I do identify with her a lot, mostly because I am a Mexican too but her personality is very much like mine sometimes.

My favorite Irene Dunne character would have easily been Lucy Warriner from “The Awful Truth” but oh, she doesn’t like cats. Sorry, Lucy!!! =) 
Me: I see. Well I want to thank you Renata for being my guest for this month.I enjoyed having you here as I think my readers did too. Thank you so much.


Renata said...

it was so much fun, thank you so much!

Desiree said...

lol, Rena, you're so funny about the cats thing... I knew you would mention it :D Loved reading your answers this month!


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