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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Classic Horror Films: Day 12 (The Uncanny - 1977)

To write a post for my blogs (and/or a guest post for this blog) all I need is a film I can somehow relate to, my laptop, an angle to build my post up on - and a cat sitting next to me or on my lap - and maybe a big cup of hot black coffee in reach. All these things are given in this moment - also my Mina is sitting here and looking at me - obstinately.. I.. It's a bit.. hm..

Anyway.. Let's start:

All one needs for a nice horror film is:

Donald Pleasence, Peter Cushing, Ray Milland, at least one pretty girl - and many, many cats..

Of course I am talking about:
The Uncanny (1977)

Montreal ca. 1977: Wilbur Gray (Peter Cushing) tries to sell his book to Frank Richards (Ray Milland) - it is about cats.
Gray's theory is that cats are EVIL but Richards isn't convinced - so Gray tells him three stories about the diabolicalness of cats..

What can I say? I love that film.

I love that Ray Milland's character lives with a fluffy white persian (tom) cat called Sugar.

I love that Peter Cushing is talking to Sugar (that man is sooo marvellous..) - and explains to Ray Milland that cats are controlling people.. (... ...)

You'll see a little blood and some not so pretty death bodies..

- speaking of prettiness: I think Susan Penhaligon is certainly one of the prettiest girls of the mid to late 1970's - well in the beginning of her sequence she is.. ahem..

Anyway.. ...

I.. ..I gotta go.. ..gotta feed my cats.. ..gotta feed them real good food.. ..


Dhiraj said...

Excellent blog. I will implement some of the design ideas. Thanks

monty said...

Love the style of this post Irene. Very cool.

Irene Palfy said...

Thank you, Monty.


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