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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Top Ten Stars For The Week Ending Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Sorry, I know I haven't posted a top ten list ranking my top stars of the week, here on All Good Things. But here is the latest one for this past week just ending yesterday.
Teresa Wright win Oscar
1. TERESA WRIGHT - One of my all time favorites had a birthday last week and she was all over my blog with a birthday tribute and other assorted pics associated with my Fall Series. She also makes her first appearance on this list.
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
2. ERROL FLYNN - The Swashbuckler himself makes a first appearance on this list as well thanks to his match play event with fellow swashbuckler Tyrone Power.
Ingrid Pitt
3. INGRID PITT - One of Hammer Films top actresses of the 60's and 70's, I just did a tribute to her for her part in Hammer history.
Irene Dunne in Theodora Goes Wild
4. IRENE DUNNE - Dunnie continues to be ranked as well as she should since she is the classic movie goddess of the month.
Rita Hayworth
5. RITA HAYWORTH - I think the term goddess was coined specifically for Rita.
Anita Ekberg
6. ANITA EKBERG - Just saw her wonderful film Screaming Mimi which I posted about for my classic horror movie series. And I also posted a pic about her for my fall series.
Catherine Deneuve
7. CATHERINE DENEUVE - Another birthday tribute and another lovely woman.
Tyrone Power
8. TYRONE POWER - Can Ty take down Errol in the match play event? Probably not but I'm sure my female readers have enjoyed it.
Constance Bennett
9. CONSTANCE BENNETT - A birthday tribute to the blonde Bennett girl. And one of screwball comedies best actesses.
Joan Fontaine
10. JOAN FONTAINE - Also had a recent birthday and I did a tribute for that and a piece on The Women over on Screwball Cinema.

So that wraps up this week's top ten list and hopefully I will do this each and every week.

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