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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Irene Dunne in The Awful Truth (1937)

Classic screwball comedy with my favorite screen pair Irene Dunne and Cary Grant as Lucy and Jerry Warriner, a couple whose marriage is falling apart. After both spouses think the other one is fooling around they agree to a trial divorce and that's when things really get hilarious. They start seeing other people to try to make each other jealous. Irene has a truly great scene stealing moment when she pretends to be Jerry's sister in front of Jerry's new girlfriend's family. That scene right there cemented Irene in my book as one of the best actresses ever to grace the silver screen. The Awful Truth is a true classic. Heck I gave it three Monties for Actress, Actor and Film. And isn't Irene just unbelivably beautiful in this film? Yes she is!

Film: A
Irene's performance: A+

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Irene Palfy said...

Love her in that scene you mention.. and I love that famous dance of Joyce Compton as Dixie Belle Lee..


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