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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Irene Dunne in My Favorite Wife (1940)

Pure comedy gold. Grant and Dunne team up again for this hilarious comedy about a man who remarries after his wife is reported missing at sea. Everything is fine until the first wife is found by the coast guard and turns her husband's life into a wreck. Cary is in usual good form, but it's Irene Dunne who makes the picture. She is delightful as the former wife who comes back. Great comedy. Co-starring Randolph Scott as a would be suitor of Irene's and Gail Patrick as Cary's second wife.

Film: A
Irene's performance: A

Nick: "The moment I saw you I knew.."
Eve: "I bet you say that to all your wives".


Renata said...

I could see this movie 8469 times and never get tired of it =)

Kalli said...

I love this movie! So cute and funny!


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