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Friday, October 28, 2011

Classic Horror Films: Day 28 (BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE - 1958)

You are looking for a film you could watch with persons who are not so easy with (classic) horror films?

I think I have one for you:
Blood of the Vampire (1958)

Late 19th century: Mad scientist Dr. Callistratus (Donald Wolfit) is reanimated after is death (the town's folk has made sure he's death by driving a stake into his heart..) with a "donor heart" - but because his blood is now infected he starts to explore blood transfusion - with the "help" of some defenseless inmates of a prison hospital - and the new inmate Dr. John Pierre (Vincent Ball) - who is not that helpless - and not at all embracing these experiments..

This film is quite cute. The female lead is Barbara Shelley, who some will know as "the First Leading Lady of British Horror" - and believe me: she looks gorgeous.

Die-hard Horror fans will be disappointed because the "vampire" is no real vampire and that spookiest things are some doberman pinschers and the "Igor"-like assistant of Dr. Callistratus Carl (Victor Maddern) - with a very obvious make-up.. well.. I won't recommend this film for little children because there are definitively some deaths - but it is really a cute film.

The story line is nice and if you have problems with falling asleep after watching this film - honestly: I think you should visit a doctor then - because that won't be caused by this film.


monty said...

Never seen this one either. Dang it. But a film with both Vincent Price and Barbara Shelley, count me in.

Irene Palfy said...

You might think that it is pretty lame - but I really like the plot.. Hope you enjoy it then, Monty!


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