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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Classic Horror Films: Day 4 (THE OMEGA MAN - 1971)

Army doctor Robert Neville struggles to create a cure for the plague that wiped out most of the human race. By day, he is free to roam the vacant and deserted cities. By night the infected come out and crave his blood. Charlton Heston is all gung ho as Neville as he battles the bloodthirsty creatures who were once human. They are led by the maniacal Matthias (played with zeal by Anthony Zerbe). In time Neville comes across a few humans that aren't affected such as Lisa (played by Rosalind Cash). The Omega Man was another in a line of sci-fi/horror films that Heston was knocking out during this time period. Others included Soylent Green and Planet of The Apes. This film was later remade as I Am Legend with Will Smith - the first version of this story was made into film 1964 with Vincent Price in the lead: The Last Man on Earth. Oh and by the way, it's Chuck's birthday today as well. Perfect timing.

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Irene Palfy said...

Like the first version with Vincent Price.. well - I love Vincent Price..


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