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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Classic Horror Films - Day 2 (Tarantula - 1955)

To begin with: I am very happy to help Monty out in this series – he asked me to do some short posts – and those of you who ever happen to read a review by me on my blog And then they start to sparkle know: “short” is not the word that would come in mind first when you look at them.. So I try to behave. (- and save thoughts for epic reviews on my blog then.. ahem..)
Let’s start with one very nice classic:

In the little town Desert Rock two scientists are experimenting with food – on a radioactive base. The active substance makes the test subjects (in the main these are animals..) grow rapidly. Then the laboratory is destroyed by a fire – and a tarantula escapes – still growing as it’s appetite is, too..
Great work by makeup department – the active substance doesn’t have pretty effects on humans.. Speaking of looks: Mara Corday as the female lead looks gorgeous. She plays an avid scientist - which is always nice – and she is called Steve!!! I love that!
A giant plus (unless you’re suffering from arachnophobia..): There is a real tarantula impersonating the monster – no papier-mâché! Yay for that!!


monty said...

I remember this one from watching it as a kid. Good choice Irene.

Irene Palfy said...

Thank you very much, Monty. Can't wait what you'll choose next! ;")


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