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Friday, October 14, 2011

Classic Horror Films: Day 14 (SCREAM OF FEAR - 1961)

What do almost all horror flicks have in common?

Yes, you’re right: a beautiful girl in danger.

Well – and how can we put that situation on a higher level?

Right again: Give the beautiful girl a handicap.

Like in


- The original UK title is TASTE OF FEAR –

After they haven’t seen each other for about ten years Penny Appleby (Susan Strasberg) - who is bound to a wheelchair - travels to Nice to visit her father after he invited her. To her surprise her stepmother Jane (Ann Todd) and her father’s friend Dr. Pierre Gerrard (Christopher Lee) are telling her that her father isn't around.

Then our young girl sees daddy's death body - which mysteriously disappears.

Apparently the only one who believes her is the young chauffeur Robert (Ronald Lewis) - the only remaining friend of our heroine..

This film – made in gorgeous black and white – is another one of my all-time favourites. It’s full of suspense - and has just an amazing plot.

This one strikes a chord with me - without throwing bowel or blood at my face. Hope it'll be the same for you..

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monty said...

Sounds very good..hope to see it soon. Thanks for the great post Irene!


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